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Man of the Week - Jimmy Lacy

This week we interview the man, the myth, the legend: Jimmy Lacy. Jimmy is a man that is all about reaching the lost and disconnected from Christ. He is on staff with Campus Outreach in Lexington, Kentucky and was actually the Man Weekend 2017 keynote speaker. We look forward to sharing his story and what he has to tell you this week.

Name: Jimmy Lacy

Age: 25

Occupation: Campus Outreach Staff, Community Relations Director for The Faithful Platform

Crazy fact about Jimmy: "It’s more embarrassing than crazy, but I used to rock the 'Bieber' haircut back in High School. If that ain’t evidence that I was searching, then I don’t know what is."

Q: Jimmy, tell us just a little bit about who you are.

A: I was born and raised in Lexington, KY. Graduated from Georgetown College in 2015 with my bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. I like to think I’m the type of guy who will always answer the call.

Q: Okay so describe yourself before you had hope in Jesus.

A: I was lost in self determination trying to attain status and worth through a wrestling state

championship. I was cutting 12 pounds a week to make weight, nearly passing out in the hall at school starving myself for something that would be irrelevant once college started. All it took to question my value as a man was for Will Bryant to take me down in practice. Jesus was nothing more to me than a stern teacher. I didn’t care. God was a means to my own end.

Q: It's crazy how many of us have gone through trying to find our worth in something other than God. Tell us about the time you decided to follow Jesus.

A: Cassie Foscardo invited me to go to a Bible Study one Sunday evening. I had a huge crush on her, not to mention the fact that she was a year older. I still really don’t know why she called, but I wasn’t going to say no, even if she had to pick me up. That night I remember hearing terrible news. For whatever reason I’d never heard or paid attention to the fact that the Bible said I was worthless and helpless in my sin. I was shocked to hear I couldn’t earn my way to heaven. I had questions now and for the first time was curious about the person of Jesus. I was marked and bound to come back when Micah Poston remembered my name on the way out the door. I was convicted by the word and loved by the community. I kept going back... something was different about it all.

Q: It's funny how a small gesture from someone else can be a domino-effect on our lives. So what began to change for you?

A: That following summer I professed faith. Convinced Jesus was my only hope. I was freed by the truth that I couldn’t save myself. The biggest change happened I’d say though when I lost in the state semifinals my senior year. My dream of title and glory was no longer possible. Micah had asked me a question that Fall saying, “Jimmy, what if you don’t win a state championship? What then?” I thought it was funny, but when reality was staring me in the face I remembered the Gospel. A seed had been planted and took full bloom as I cried and wept. Years later, my Mom told me she was so proud of me that day. Apparently she had noticed how I carried myself and was moved by my response in a very defeating moment. I feel like now my life is continuing to ask variations of Micah’s question…“What Now? Is God still good? What has a done for you?” I seek the truth in my failures and doubts, always remembering what I first learned on the mat back in high school.

Q: Jimmy what is something you would say you are still fighting today?

A: Honestly I still struggle with how others and God view me. When change comes I revert back to determination, an “earn it” mentality. Also, as I grow as a man I see that rhythms of grace are not formed over night. It begins with honest prayer and the conviction to fall forward in the small ways. If I want to know my Bible then I need to start reading. You have to walk before you can run and too often I try to run first, which leads to discouragement. I’m praying these days for courage and conviction. The ability to do the everyday small mundane acts of submission that over time produce, with God’s help, deep roots that cannot be shaken.

Q: Ok, three words or less, encourage someone today.

A: Don't Stop Praying

We are so thankful for men like Jimmy who walk in transparency. We are proud to have had Jimmy speak at Man Weekend before because of his tenacity and integrity. We want to challenge men to live more openly and to be honest about their struggles; To not allow their hardships to silence them but to use them to sharpen other men.

If you'd like to get in touch with Jimmy please visit our Contact page. If you're interested in nominating a Man of the Week, again please visit our Contact page.

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