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Man of the Week - Rasheed Flowers

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

This week we interview a man who is passionate about sports, country music, and Jesus. This week's Man of the Week is Rasheed Flowers!

Name: Rasheed Flowers Age: 23

Occupation: Graduate student at UK studying sport leadership & Assistant wrestling coach at Frederick Douglass High School

Crazy fact: Rasheed loves both country music and Taylor swift

Q: Rasheed, give us a quick snapshot of who you are.

A: I am from a small town south of Chicago, Illinois. I have 2 older sisters and great parents. I am passionate about sports and played football, wrestled, and ran track freshman-senior year of high school. I went to Ohio state for undergrad and majored in sport industry. I had the opportunity to wrestle varsity, play club football, and run club track.

Q: And who were you before you knew Jesus?

A: I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home and have parents that knew what it meant to have a relationship with God. I grew up going to church and serving in the church and I accepted Christ when I was 11. However, my story really begins when I began college in 2013. Now, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word college? Probably a great educational institution? Or what about the partying and drinking and drugs that come with it? That's what my initial college career consisted of. Live it up and pour it up. Going to college I knew that I needed to get grounded into a church. I did find a church; I loved it and enjoyed it and really cherished the community. But I still proceeded to turn up. Friday night party and drink, Saturday night party and drink, and Sunday make it to church in the morning somehow. Life was rough trying to balance academics along with the rigor of wrestling. So I tried to to find another outlet and live the college lifestyle. A year later I had to stop wrestling because school was becoming too difficult and my grades were slipping. I often asked why me and who am I?

Rasheed crushing the hurdles

Q: Okay, so at what point did you become a follower of Christ?

A: At the beginning of the spring semester my sophomore year, one of my buddies invited me to his Bible study and I reluctantly said yes. That night my life was changed. The pastor of the Christian ministry TBOC prayed for me and I realized that I was not living fully for Christ.

Sure I was still a Christian and I tried to live a moral life style. But not until going to my friend's Bible study at the beginning of the semester did I understand what it meant to live a Christ centered life. Sure I had been baptized when I was a kid and lived for Christ for the most part, but I was in compromise and I got consumed by the ways of college.

Q: And how would you say your life is different now?

A: Since that time I've committed to changing my life to be more Christlike and Christ centered. I stopped partying, falling into drunkenness, and engaging in sexual immorality because God has called me to greater things than being part of this world. During the rest of my time at OSU, I tried to witness to my friends and be an example of what it is to be a true Christian whether that was in my sport, in the classroom, or just everyday life.

Q: Anything you want to share that you are working on today?

A: I am still working on seeking the Holy Spirit daily. I need to seek the Holy Spirit daily to guide my words, actions, and thoughts.

Q: Rasheed, if you could encourage men in three words, what would you say?

A: Be all in... There is no in between with God. Either you are living like the world or you are serving him! Choose wisely.

We are so thankful for men like Rasheed who are living for Christ and using their complete, raw story in total transparency to bring glory to God. If Rasheed's story gives you hope or inspiration or you wish to get into contact with him, please visit our Contact Us page! We'd love to hear from you.

If you too wish to share your story of hope, please visit our Contact Page for an application.

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