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What is Man Weekend to Me?

We can talk all day long about what our team thinks of Man Weekend, but if that isn't sufficient, take it from our friend Ben Sencindiver who was able to attend Man Weekend. Here is his experience:

"I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a weekend long retreat affectionately referred to as Man Weekend. What a joy it was to be able to spend two days with a group of young men who had a passion for living out and sharing what it’s like to lead a life devoted to Christ. This weekend gave all that attended something they could take back home with them."

"For those who may not have grown up in the outdoors, Man Weekend offered two days of primitive camping and outdoor activities across hundreds of beautiful acres in the heart of Kentucky such as skeet shooting, fishing, riding ATVs around to explore the property, and fellowship around a bonfire in the evenings. For those who had never heard the gospel, this weekend offered the opportunity to spend time with men who live out the gospel in their daily lives as well as a time of devotion where the gospel was shared to all attending, with a focus on what it looks like to navigate life as a man who serves the Lord and serves others."

"As a first time attendee of Man Weekend, it is safe to say that retreats like this are where young men can look back and say that this is where they developed, re-discovered, or grew more passionate about a true relationship with the Lord. This is where they can look back and say they made a lifelong friend or mentor who they can share their lives with for years to come. This is also a weekend where they can get out of the sometimes tedious life filled with work, or school, and spend a few days in the outdoors with people who are genuinely fun to be around. Man Weekend is a fantastic event and I’m very thankful I was given the opportunity to attend this year."

We consider Man Weekend a success by the responses the men give us about the experience they had with Christ that weekend. Whether it be from the letters each man writes to himself for next year, the worship around a fire, the lakeside quiet time, powerful devotional, or just the heart to heart brotherly fellowship; we strive to give Him all the praise. Our team is continuously thankful for men who are willing to embrace this, like Ben and you.

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