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Our volunteers are the among the hardest working, smartest thinking, and dare we say...best looking people in the world. If you are looking to get involved in redefining manhood and putting on the biggest, baddest, gnarliest men's retreat in the nation, look no further. Join us for our MW2021 Event in Bagdad, Kentucky. Whatever role you think you can fill, your mission will be critical to the success of Man Weekend 2021. We look forward to partnering with you to change lives and make history.

We'll see you there.

Are you good at making others feel welcomed and comfortable? We need you to welcome, greet, and offload the incoming attendees in a manner that helps others feel less stressed.


Anything you can do to make someone feel less awkward, well received, and more at ease, will be of the highest value added to the experience.


"I just love seeing the relief on these guy's faces, it makes it all worth it to me"

"What a joy it was to spend time with a group of young men who had a passion for sharing what it’s like to lead a life devoted to Christ"


Do you have more energy than you know what to do with? Do you never grow weary under the beating sun?


We need exceptional men who are  ready to pour into the hearts of those willing to receive it.


Vulnerable and full of integrity. We need you to step up in very big way.

"What a joy it was to spend time with young men who had a passion for sharing what it’s like to lead a life devoted to Christ"

Are you able to pull off big scale catering? Do you enjoy taste testing? This is the job for you. There are many meals to run during the course of the retreat.


We need you to be behind the scenes, feeding a herd of hungry guys as smoothly as possible is no easy task.​


"Someone is most definitely going to have to test these burgers before they hit the plates"


Don't care to be backstage?


We need those who are good with their hands. There are many jobs that require someone okay with working in the background in order to make the retreat as seamless as possible.


Plus you may get to drive a 4-wheeler...if that's your thing.

"For me, it's not about the recognition; It's about making things like this possible"


Thank you for your submission! We'll get in touch soon!